Wondering which media sources you can trust in an increasingly confusing time? Consider switching away from legacy news.

Tired of mainstream media pushing their own agenda? Fostering fear and eroding Freedom Of Speech? Consider these alternatives.

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We’re not expert on news sources, but we see a growing scripted narrative from the legacy media (mainstream media).

Here are a few alternatives for you to consider:

Christian News Sources

Important note: Our editors have not found any Christian news sources that they are happy with. The following are flawed at best. We will continue searching…

  • CBN News (news from a Christian perspective, founded by Pat Robertson)
  • The Christian Post (Washington DC based member of the Evangelical Press Association)

General News Alternatives

  • Bright Light (independent media organization shining a light on the science and data of the sea of conflicting health information in today’s world. Their aim is to give you the tools to investigate and arrive at your own conclusions).
  • The Daily Wire (American digital news that’s not afraid to cover controversial topics)
  • The High Wire
  • LifeSite
  • North (conservative Canadian digital media platform with a strong pledge to fair reporting)
  • OAN
  • Rebel News (independent reporting of the “other side of the story,” even when it goes against the official narrative of the establishment)
  • Redvoice Media
  • True North

Video and Social Media Sites that uphold Freedom Of Speech

  • Bitchute
  • Gab (a Twit alternative that does not censor)
  • Ruby Ray Media (a community media platform run by Christians where you can interact with others)

Note: Even news reporting sources with honourable ideals will never be perfect. Remember to do your own research on all that is reported to you. If you’d like to suggest an additional news source or two, please leave us a comment (-:

Recommended Article

In the booklet, Chaos, Corruption, and the Christian Response, John MacArthur shows us how to make sense of a world of chaos.

From the publisher’s description: “We are living in bizarre times. The world is caught in the grip of fear—fears over deadly diseases, financial ruin, unchecked violence, government overreach, and political upheaval. The news is dominated by chaos and confusion, and we seem to be careening from one emergency to the next.

How do we make sense of this world and its rampant corruption? Is there any hope for restraining the chaos around us? How should God’s people respond?

In Chaos, Corruption, and the Christian Response, John MacArthur examines the biblical answers to those questions, diving deeply into what Scripture says about man’s sin, its disastrous effects, and the solution found only in God.”

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