Finding and documenting the real Mount Sinai.

Andrew Jones: Taking Biblical Archaeology Research Into High Gear!

Where is the real Mt. Sinai?

I had often wondered about the correct location of the historical Mt. Sinai. For a number of reasons, I couldn’t imagine that the one touted by tourist operators was the actual site. I had read the book “The God of the Mountain,” by Penny Caldwell a few years ago and became fairly convinced that Jebel Maqla in the Jebel Al Lawz range of Northwestern Saudi Arabia may actually be the real Mount Sinai, the true mountain of Moses!

It all made sense. This area, whose coast is on the east side of the Gulf of Aqaba, is irrefutably ancient Midian, the area to which Moses fled. And Midian is of course where Moses saw the burning bush, at Mount Horeb, the Mountain of God (Exodus 3:1).

But as good as the information was in the book, it was not recent. One of the things I wished I could tap into was more up-to-date information and higher quality photos and video. I was on a quest!

New research in High Definition!

I looked more deeply into this and had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Mahoney, director of the Patterns of Evidence film. He told me that Andrew Jones was doing the best and most recent research on this. So I called Andrew and thus our friendship began.

I flew out to meet Andrew and the organizer of the weekend’s presentations, Scott, in person. I watched Andrew present his findings at two West Coast churches. After many hours of this and many more hours one-on-one going over the details, I became fully convinced that this is indeed the true biblical Mount Sinai. By far, the most significant recent research and visual documentation of the real Mount Sinai are from Andrew Jones. The next five videos are from Andrew’s Discovered Media YouTube Channel. The photos of the mountain are also graciously provided by Andrew. The final video features the Caldwells.

Red Sea Crossing of Exodus

Chronologically, it all begins with the Israelites’ journey out of Egypt and the Red Sea crossing. It becomes clear after you research this with an open mind and no pre-conceived stumbling blocks, that the crossing was at Nuweiba, Sinai Peninsula. This is on the west side of the Gulf of Aqaba, an arm of the Red Sea.

A rough representation of the Israelites’ route to the Red Sea crossing. The real Mt Sinai (Jebel el Lawz range), on the other side of the Gulf, in Midian, also marked.
The Red Sea Crossing location at Neweiba, Gulf of Aquaba

The sandy beach area on the left is modern Nuweiba. The line represents the place where the waters parted. Even here where the waters are shallower, the depth in the middle is about 1,500 feet! A mighty miracle.

Andrew Jones’ Red Sea crossing summary

After the crossing, which is one of the most spectacular miracles in human history, Moses led his people by way of Marah, the oasis of Elim, and Rephidim, to Mount Sinai. In order for it to be the correct place, the true mountain of Moses must have room for 600,000 men, plus women and children (1.5 to 2 million people) at its base. And there should be evidence of ancient habitation there. Neither of these exist at the tourist trap mountain by St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai Peninsula, which is of course not even in ancient Midian.

The Rock at Horeb

I am going to stand there in front of you on the rock at Horeb; when you hit the rock, water will come out of it and the people will drink.” Moses did this in the sight of the elders of Israel.Exodus 17:6 CSB

He opened a rock, and water gushed out; it flowed like a stream in the desert.Psalm 105:41 CSB

Meet Jebel Maqla, Jebel el Lawz Range (the real Mount Sinai)

After quenching their thirst at the Rock of Horeb, the Israelites went north around the range and arrived at the east side of Jebel Maqla, the real Mt. Sinai (view on Google | Bing). This mountain does have room for 2 million people at its base, has something that could well be the Golden Calf Altar, a compelling candidate for the Altar of Moses, marble pillars, and dozens more archaeological artifacts. Andrew Jones has been to the site more than 15 times in recent years, and has done some of the most awe inspiring drone footage of the area.

You can find these places and events in Exodus chapters 14 to 19.

Drone videos of the real Mount Sinai and area

Mt Sinai overview video

The Altar of Moses at Mt. Sinai

And Moses wrote down all the words of the LORD. He rose early the next morning and set up an altar and twelve pillars for the twelve tribes of Israel at the base of the mountain. – Exodus 24:4 CSB

Drone video above The Altar of Moses
Walking through the Altar of Moses

In addition to these archeological sites and artifacts, Andrew’s YouTube channel has many more videos that you will find inspiring to your faith.

You can also visit his website at . I love the calendars and poster sets he offers in the Store. Picture real bible events through diligent research and amazing photography!

To Gallery and Slide Show for more photos

Jim & Penny Caldwell Interview

Up until now, you’ve seen brief video clips. Here’s an excellent way to tie it all together… This is an introduction and walk-through of the real Mount Sinai site. The video is from a number of years ago. It represents well the pioneering work they’ve done.

“Noah’s Ark In Plain Sight” coming soon!

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