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– Paul Singer

WHY I BELIEVE THESE ARE TRULY THE BEST SUPPLEMENTS: “You will know where your products come from. This supplement brand traces every ingredient to ensure pure, safe, and effective supplements. PURE INGREDIENTS FOR PURE SUPPLEMENTS. This is the only global vitamin and dietary supplement brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on their own certified organic farms.”

Echinacea being harvested on Nutrilite’s Trout Lake East farm

In less than a minute and a half this VIDEO explains the details.

My top product recommendation:

Nutrilite Double X multivitamins

To me, Double X™ food supplement is the ultimate multi. It has an exclusive complex derived from 22 fruits, vegetables and herbs. It provides a wide phytonutrient spectrum, ensuring that the body receives botanicals from all the five color groups, each color targeting a different part of the body’s health needs.

Since 1934, Nutrilite™ has controlled the entire production process, from seed to supplement to guarantee highest quality. With DOUBLE X, the best of nature meets the best of science to help people benefit from premium, scientifically-proven support for their body, helping the brain and nervous system, supporting the immune system and the body’s energy-yielding metabolism, and contributing to a more general well-being. I believe this product is one of the finest contributors to optimal health that can be found in a single package.

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“My Favorites” shows six life changing products. They’re personal favorites.

Note: In addition to being a blogger, I’m an Amway Independent Business Owner. I work with Amway’s online shop, the exclusive supplier of Nutrilite™ products. I’ve personally taken Nutrilite products since 1972.